What Happens During an Investigation?

Once a concern has been reported to the Society, the worker may interview the child, family members or others who are involved to determine if abuse or neglect has occurred or if the child is at risk of being abused.

If the child is not at risk, the investigation is then complete and the worker may refer the child and family to community agencies for further support.

If the abuse or neglect is substantiated, the worker will plan a strategy to ensure the child is safe and the family gets the help it needs.

While in most cases the family remains together while working with Highland Shores Children’s Aid, it is sometimes necessary to remove children from their family and place them with other family members, an individual who has a relationship with the child, or foster parents. In most cases, however, we provide guidance and counseling and work with other community agencies to ensure a family receives the support it needs to adequately care for their children.

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