Awards Recognize Contributions Made by Foster Parents & Volunteers

October 19, 2021

Awards Recognize Contributions Made by Foster Parents & Volunteers

In celebration of National Foster Family Week which takes place from October 17 - 23, 2021, Highland Shores Children’s Aid (HSCA) recognizes their foster and kin families as well as their volunteers.

Due to COVID restrictions and concerns, our recognition event was virtual again this year with recorded messages from staff, the Executive Director and the Board President that were shared with foster parents and volunteers.   Foster parents and volunteers have been offered options to replace the meal they would have been able to enjoy as part of their recognition.

Each year, the Board of Directors offer a special recognition award to a foster family.  This year, that award was given to Nancy and Russell Boate. The Society recognizes them for their commitment to children and youth in our community as well as their flexibility and leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional foster parents were honoured for their years of service.  We recognized 5 for 5 years of service, 5 for 10 years of service, 2 for 15 years of service and 1 for 20 years of service. We also honoured some volunteers for their years of service: Dorothy Young (5 years), Frank Riedl (10 years) and David Pacaud (15 years).