Foster Parent Training & Support

Training Opportunities

Highland Shores Children’s Aid recognizes the benefit of providing foster parents with ongoing quality training. In order to enhance knowledge and develop child-related skills, courses and workshops are offered on a regular basis. Foster Parents must involve themselves in professional development each year.

Foster Parents should successfully complete Basic First Aid as well as C.P.R. (for which the Society provides training), within their first year of training.  It is also understood the Foster Parents will remain current with their training.

Professional Support

Foster families are assigned a resource worker.   Resource workers assist foster parents with administrative concerns, identify training needs, answer questions about Ministry policy, and provide ongoing support to the foster family.  Examples of additional supports  provided include mentoring and child and youth worker support. 

In the event of an emergency when the Society office is closed foster parents can call the after-hours emergency worker for assistance.

Foster Parent Association

The Foster Parent Association (FPA) is made up of Foster Parents living within Hastings, Northumberland and Prince Edward Counties. Members are encouraged to attend meetings as well as open forums which provide them with opportunities to bring their issues and concerns to the agency.  Belonging to the Foster Parent Association is beneficial in that foster parents support each other.