Children and Youth Who Need Full-time or Relief Foster Families

Foster parents can provide care on a full-time or relief basis. Relief families welcome foster children into their homes on an occasional basis which provides the foster family who care for the child on a full-time basis, time away from care giving.


Meet Randy.  

Hi, my name is Randy and I am a 17 year old youth that is in Extended Society Care.  I am currently placed in a group home setting in the Kingston area and hope to be placed in a family based setting.  I have been successful in my group home and enjoy being in the community.  I  attend school regularly and have made positive peer relationships.  My goal is to become a kind and athletic young man.  I enjoy playing and watching sports, listening to music and playing video games. 

I enjoy the relationships that I have built with the staff and I like to banter about mutual interests.  At times, I need to be refocused prior to allowing this banter to carry on too much as I can get overly invested in my point.  I do well with praise and emotional support and would do well with a caregiver that ispatient, understanding and able to process my emotions or feelings about family relationships and contact that I have with family members.  I would prefer to stay in the Kingston area to maintain connections with my peer group, however I am also open to considering Belleville, Trenton and Cobourg.  I hope to attend Fleming College after I graduate from high school. 

I am at my best when I am engaged in a lot of external activities and when caregivers are able to be upfront and address concerns in a timely and clear manner.  I am hoping for caregivers that can appreciate my age and the freedom that comes with being 17 years old.  I have good personal hygiene and good independence skills.  I am interested in finding a job and I enjoy coaching younger kids in sports.

If you are able to open your home and family for Randy and are interested in investing the time to get to know him and understand his needs please call Highland Shores CAS at 613-962-9291 or 800-267-0570 and ask about how you can become a foster parent.


Meet Amy.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am 17 years old.  I am currently living in a group home and hope to find a family that I can connect with and that will care for me while keeping me safe.  I am considered to be high risk as I have run away in the past and have tried to commit suicide.  There is some scarring from my previous attempts.  I can sometimes also put myself at risk due to some of the people that I try to connect with.  I am sexually active and at times do not understand how some of my partners could potentially put me at risk of harm.  I struggle with school and don’t feel that I can be successful in school or in post-secondary education. 

I attempt to have contact with my family and wish that I could develop relationships with them; however this is not always successful or healthy for me.  I have at times used marijuana and have experimented with harder drugs in the past.  There are times when I believe that creating my own family will help me, as I want someone to love and to love me.  I don’t understand or know how to care for a child at this time. 

When I am able to connect with staff, I am also able to understand how some of my choices are not healthy and can hurt me.  I have run in the past for short periods of time and return as I know that where I am staying is my home for now.  I enjoy engaging in activities that I am interested in.  I like art and there are different classes that I would enjoy taking. 

I would do well with a caregiver that could recognize when I am in a calm state as this is the best time to talk to me about healthy choices.  I need someone that is calm and does not overreact or does not get excited when I can become agitated.  I have a lot of very big feelings that I need someone to help me process in a nurturing manner. 

If I were able to find a family, I would need that family to commit to taking the time to get to know me before I fully move in with them/her.  I would do well with a single female caregiver as there have been times when men have let me down and hurt me.  I need a caregiver that will ensure that they are open to working with other supportive services in order to understand my complex needs. 

If you are able to open your home and family to me, and are open to learning about the strategies that have worked to support my success, please call Highland Shores CAS at 613-962-9291 or 800-267-0570 and learn about how you can become a foster parent for me or for another child. 


Meet Anthony.

Hi.  My name is Anthony and I am currently 14 years old.  I came into care when I was 12, as my mother worried that she would not be able to meet my needs and the needs of my siblings.  I have been diagnosed with ADHD.  Although I have not been formally diagnosed, I show signs of high functioning autism and have some cognitive delays.  I can sometimes act out and become aggressive when frustrated.  I struggle with personal space being appropriate around other children, so having a family where I am the only child or I am the youngest is the best plan for me.  I am most successful when I am highly supervised as I can be impulsive and can, at times, put others at risk.  I have demonstrated some inappropriate sexual behaviours with peers, although I can be redirected effectively and there are times when I do not fully understand my actions or the consequences of my actions.  I have an educational assessment and supports have been identified and put in place to help with my success at school, in a specialized classroom. 

I am currently living in a group home so that all of my needs can be supported, but I would like to live with a family that is committed to meeting my needs and keeping me safe.  I have a strong relationship with my family and visit with my mother on some weekends.  I would like to keep my family connections and hopefully one day I will be able to live with my mother or grandparents.  It is really important that all of the people in my life are open and supportive of each other so that I know that all of the adults in my life can work as a team to support me and each other.   

In order for me to succeed, I need a family that is open and willing to work with my supports or my “team” so that I can continue to develop my skills to become successful.  I love to be involved in the community and would love to join community activities where I could be assisted in developing peer relationships.  I need interactions with other peers to be supervised in order to learn appropriate interactions, due to my tendency to be very impulsive.  I respond well to routine and redirection that also holds me accountable for poor choices.  I enjoy making connections with other people and like to have fun with those around me, including playing games and sports. 

If you are able to open your home and family to me, and are open to learning about the strategies that have worked to support my success, please call Highland Shores CAS at 613-962-9291 or 800-267-0570 and learn about how you can become a foster parent for me or for another child.